You were designed to be known.

At Journey, we long to create environments that eliminate barriers to finding deep connection with God and others. We call these soul environments: safe, intimate, and redemptive spaces for the soul to heal, restore, and flourish in community with trusted companions.

what are villages?

One of the primary ways we do this at Journey is through Villages: small, weekly gatherings (usually at someone’s home) where together, we practice the habits of living, knowing, and sharing God’s love in real-time and real-life.

After all, there are 10,080 minutes in a week. We only spend about 80 of those minutes at a Sunday gathering which leaves 10,000 more minutes out there! We imagine a church that isn’t a destination, but a journey – one we embark on together in every moment. We don't simply "go" to church. We ARE the church, together in community, everywhere we find ourselves. 

Take the first step

A Village Launch is the first step to joining a Journey Village. You’ll meet together 6 times with a group of people that we’ve pre-selected based on things like location, preferred meeting nights, etc. At the end, you can either become a Village together or our team will help you find the right fit!