You were designed to be known.

At Journey, we long to create environments that eliminate barriers to finding deep connection with God and others. We call these soul environments: safe, intimate, and redemptive spaces for the soul to heal, restore, and flourish in community with trusted companions.


A Journey Church village consists of several people (on average 6) who meet together on a weekly or bi-weekly basis all through out the city (usually at someone’s home) where together, we practice Jesus all week long. This means together we grow in our habits of living, knowing, and sharing God’s love in real-time & real-life. You can find a group based on your location, preferred meeting nights, age group, etc. The goal of a village is for you to be connected & known in our family, so that we can be the church to each other. 

This year the Journey Arts Collective is creating a space for artists to reflect on their identity. As artists we are tempted to use our creative ability to identify ourselves and find our fulfillment in its expression. But who we are is much more about the Creator than it is us. Our villages will be exploring this identity struggle in our stories by looking in scripture at God's invitation to us to know our true selves in knowing Him. And also carrying this through to our creative process.