Journey Kids

At Journey Kids (Infants-5th Grade), we desire to welcome children into the love story of Jesus and create an environment where kids feel safe, heard, and unconditionally loved.

Using our own in-house curriculum that borrows from Montessori methods and encourages creative exploration, we allow space for children to discover their Designer & Savior. Each gathering focuses on revealing God, His Magnificent Story, and His Kingdom. Through interactive exercises and themes that parallel what grownups are learning in their gatherings, we explore how this revelation affects us as children made in His image, right now, and in our future.

We highly value each moment at Journey Kids and agree with Hebrews 6:19-20, that God’s promises are a hope that children can cling to with both hands and never let go as a sure and steadfast anchor for their souls. These promises and this hope are the bedrock of our ministry.



Journey Students

At Journey Students (6th-12th Grade) we desire to support any and every teenager that walks through the doors. We get that the daily life of being a teen is often stressful. There are times when it seems like there’s no safe place to turn to. We are that safe place: a haven away from everyday pressures and stresses, an opportunity to steep in soul environments where the love story of Jesus can come alive.

We gather in large group every Wednesday nights from 6pm-8pm at 1600 Wilson Pike, Brentwood, TN 37027.


Visit our student homepage.



Journey Young Adults

We are a community of young adults who cultivate environments for connecting with God and others. To see the soul heal, restore and flourish with trusted companions.

We call our young adult gathering The Farm.

The Farm is a series of gatherings presented by the Journey Arts Collective for college students and young adults. We desire to cultivate an environment that allows you to connect with others in the arts and its associated industries. We hope to see each person responding to their skills and passions in the freedom of their true identity. We find our voice when we find His voice. Ultimately we want to be a ‘collective’ that responds to our God designed life.


We meet on Tuesday nights from 7pm-8:30pm at The Cookery: 1827 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203.




Journey Arts Collective

The Journey Arts Collective is a series of cohorts and gatherings specifically designed to foster and cultivate the development of artists. Through one-on-one discipleship, workshops, and customized events, the Journey Arts Collective provides spiritual and creative shepherding for artists at all points of their journey.

To find out more about how you can be involved in The Journey Arts Collective, send an email to our Arts Collective Pastor, Brett Mabury.