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Pastor Jamie George and Ron Martoia -A dialogue on the intersection of psychology, science, and faith.


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Village Discussion


Our practice has been to keep a gratitude journal and practicing gratitude in circumstances that are challenging. What are those places for you? How has practicing gratitude in the midst of these places been helpful?


There is a well known phrase: “In essentials unity, in nonessentials liberty, in all things charity.”

Our stories reveal that we all come from a variety of theological and cultural backgrounds. In your current understanding of God and Christianity through your own journey, what are the things you’ve grown to see as essential?

How do we love the culture the way Jesus would love today?

In one of the gatherings, Ron talked about prescriptive truth and descriptive truth. Here is a helpful understanding:

“Descriptive literature is that which describes what happened.

Narrative literature is basically descriptive. It is telling what happened, but not necessarily telling readers that they should do everything in the same manner.

Prescriptive literature commands the reader to a course of action. Prescriptive literature instructs the reader to do something, to act in such and such a way. Prescriptive writing is characterized by lots of imperatives, i.e., commands.”

A helpful question to ask when engaging the text:  Is the verse telling us to do something, or does it describe an action someone does?

By way of practicing this together, your group can read through Acts 2:37-47 and talk about the prescriptive truths and descriptive truths.


Our practice this week is to continue with the gratitude journal. List 10 things each day you are/can be thankful for - especially when you find yourself in challenging situations.

Randy Hanson