Don't Pass Judgment On One Another

Village Discussion

Review from Last Week:

Our practice was to ask God to help us untangle our view about money and resources. We were challenged to say “No” to some things in order for to make space for a better “yes.” How was that for you?

This Week:

The Spirit of God brings conviction to our hearts we are meant to respond to. However, what happens often are a lot of arguments over the little things. What really matters is harmony and unity in the Spirit.

What were some arguments over these little things (i.e. expectations, rules, or traditions) you grew up with or experienced in your past?

Consider Romans 14:1-5. What can we learn about loving others through this passage?

What are some expectations you have that may be keeping you from being fully present with people where they are?

This week's Practice:

What expectations can you let go of in order to be more fully present with the people God has you with?

Love well. Practice letting go of an expectations you have with someone in order to be more fully present? Romans 14:1-5

Randy Hanson