Woven Together

Village Discussion


Breathe in: You are God.

Breathe out: You've got this.

How did this practice go?

What did you see, what did you learn?


READ: John 5:1-15 (Jesus Heals a Lame Man)

Big Idea: Like the Lame Man, we are both pursued and free to choose. Do you want to be well? Do your part, Trust Jesus for His part!


What do you see? What do you learn from this story?

Where are you stuck? Physically, emotionally, spiritually? (these are courageous steps to share as a village...Love Well)

What keeps you from asking for healing?

What can you get up and walk away from this week that’s keeping you sick?

Practice: Do your part. Trust Jesus for His part.

Breathe in: You are God.

Breathe out:  I trust you.

Amazing song for this week: I Want to Be Well by Andy Gullahorn.  This song is incredible!

For daily encouragements via text: Text '10000minutes' to 797979'.

CJ Casciotta