Speak To One Another

Pastor Jamie George - The bible is full of metaphor to be explored, story to be interpreted, and as Psalms shows us, emotion to be experienced and expressed. We are designed for expression. What does yours look like?  

Village Discussion

Review from Last Week:

Jesus, thank you for your daily forgiveness! Open my eyes this week to see who to RE- PRESENT your kindness, compassion & forgiveness to.

If you prayed this prayer (or maybe you didn’t but God answered you anyway), how did you experience God opening your eyes and helping you re-present His kindness, compassion and forgiveness? Or, how were any of these re-presented towards you?

This Week: What song has emotionally engaged your heart? Why?

Read: Ephesians 5:19 NIV

Be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord.

Open up Psalm 6 and feel the weight of emotion.

The Psalms appeal to… the subtleties of life that are more easily expressed than explained. (Word in Life Study Bible)

If we read our earlier passage, Psalm 6, driven by our intellect and logic, we would have probably deduced a basic principle:   God answers prayer. 

But what if we read Psalms 6 again, but this time as if we were reading a lyric or reading from someone’s journal.  

What if we read and listen for the emotion of the author…

When you read Psalm 6 NIV with emotion, what happens? (Do you feel empathy for this person? Does it stir up curiosity to know what caused him so much pain?)

David was a man after God's heart...God's heart is fully present in His awareness / emotion/ vulnerable, and so was David's.

When has someone been vulnerable with you?

Is there a situation or relationship in your life currently that is requiring courage and/or vulnerability?

Take some time to collect these responses and encourage one another to reach out during the week offering encouragement and prayer to move forward with courage, vulnerability and love.

This week's practice

Be courageously vulnerable with others this week.


Randy Hanson