Making Space and Digging Deep

Pastor Jamie George and Suzie Lind - Spiritual Formation and Discipleship is not another thing to do. It’s thinking differently about what we’re already doing. The language of motherhood is used in Isaiah 54 to invite us into it together.

Village Discussion

Review FROM LAST WEEK: Supplication

What did you feel compelled to pray last week? How did you sense God’s presence while you waited?

This Week: Making Space and Digging Deep

Read Isaiah 54:1-3 aloud or together.

  1. Talk about what person in your life (either past, present or future) made space for you in a way that has helped form you Spiritually?

  2. Where do you currently need strength in your life?

  3. In what ways is God beckoning you to dig deeper (strengthening) into your personal relationship with him?[Remember, our digging deeper into God is not about changing/ doing the right religious activity (reading more,”quiet times”, etc), it's about being changed by an aligned heart!]

  4. How can we, your Village, come alongside you in that?

This Week’s Practice

Dig Deep and Make Space.

Align with God and ask him who He would have you make space for and how are you being pulled deeper?

Randy Hanson