Reflected Glory

Pastor Jamie George - Your true king is coming to you, vindicated and triumphant, humble, mounted on a donkey. His word will bring peace. – Prophet Zechariah  

Village Discussion


Last week our practice was to remember Jesus uses all things, and is at work in all things:

Breathe in: YOU ARE GOD
Breathe out:  YOU ARE GOOD

In what ways were you reminded of the goodness of God?

THIS WEEK:  Mysterious Wonder: Humility

Read John 12:12-19 & Zechariah 9:9 together as a Village. (Village Guides can either read or appoint someone to read or have everyone read ahead before they come...whatever seems best for your Village)


Jesus arrived in a glorious yet unexpected way (on a donkey). People expected to witness a coronation, but instead witnessed a crucifixion.  

“16 At first his disciples did not understand all this.”

How has God moved in ways that you did not expect?

During your week, how aware are you of when Jesus is on the move?

What are your expectations of God in your week?

Where do you expect to see Him?

If a definition of Glory is: something magnificent is going on... How have you seen or experienced God’s glory?

In what ways has that shaped what you know about God and your relationship with Him?

What magnificent things are going on in your life right now? (hint: may be in the ordinary everyday things of life)

Take time to pray for one another that we would be people marked by humility and ready to serve and love others to see the mysterious wonder of Jesus.

10000minute Practice:

Expect Jesus to be in every circumstance this week. He came in an unexpected way, ie. on a donkey. So be on the lookout for Him in every moment! Do something to remind yourself to expect Jesus this week (write expect Jesus on a card, wear a bracelet, etc.

For daily encouragements via text: Text '10000minutes' to 797979'.

CJ Casciotta