Forgive One Another

Pastor Jamie George - At the center of all sin is relational separation. Forgiveness is a type of fuel for living in the Kingdom of God. You stall out or propel forward. Forgiveness exists for your physical, emotional, and spiritual vitality.

Village Discussion

Review from last week:

Our 21-day practice of gratitude came to an end this week. How did it change you? Will you continue on with it?

This week:

Jamie opened the new series “One Anothers” reading John 17:20-23. As a Village read through to verse 26 and discuss:

  1. What is Jesus’s ultimate prayer for his people?

  2. What is the “Why” behind the prayer?

Putting into practice the “one anothers,” this week we focus on forgiveness.

Regarding Ephesians 4:29-32 - Has there been a time or situation when the words you chose to say out loud directly affected your ability to forgive or not forgive someone?

Have you experienced an exchange of forgiveness with another person that was marked by compassion and kindness? Share your story...

This week's practice:

Jesus, thank you for your forgiveness. Help me be kind, compassionate and forgiving as you are with me.

Randy Hanson