The Shadow of the Empire

Pastor Jamie George - Contemplation - Prayer does not produce our identity in Christ, it gets us in touch with it. It initiates the falling away of the obstacles that shroud its light. The contemplative stance in prayer creates space for wonder and intimacy and forms the spirit in place of deep knowing.  

The Contemplation Exercise From This Week's Gathering:

1.  Who made you feel loved as a kid?

  • How did they express their love to you?

2.  Who in your life do you feel loved, known and safe with?

  • How is that expressed?


Close your eyes and answer these next questions between you and Jesus:

3.  If you could meet with Jesus in any place, where would that be and why? (give some space)

4.  With the things that you are walking through right now, what is Jesus saying to you?


Open your eyes:

5.  Would anyone be willing to share what they heard or where they’d meet with Jesus? (Leader: We’d encourage you to start and don’t hold back!)

When people say, “God really showed up today or in this situation…” or “God really met us there…” that is not actually congruent with the Word of God. JESUS IS CONSTANT! In and through all things!

Jesus is in our breathing in and breathing out. Practice being intimately connected with Him all day long.


Every breath you take

...Breathe In Jesus, Breathe Out Jesus

Randy Hanson