The Resurrection

Pastor Jamie George - We find ourselves in a story about a being named God. On Easter we celebrate His rescue plan for humanity. By absorbing its power on the cross, He crushed death and reversed the curse. We are being restored to our original design. 

Village Discussion


Last week our practice was to walk with great expectation that Jesus in on the move all around. We encouraged you to practice expecting King Jesus to be in every circumstance. Anticipating and living in that truth.

How did that go and what did you discover?

THIS WEEK:  Mysterious Wonder: Energy

Read John 20:1-18 together as a Village. (Village Guides can either read or appoint someone to read or have everyone read ahead before they come...whatever seems best for your Village)


What do you see, hear, feel and experience through the reading of this passage?

What is the signifcance of the empty tomb in your own life?

What are you currently experiencing where you need the power of resurrection to become a real and practical truth you apply?

10000minute PRACTICE:

Breathe in: YOU ARE GOD
Breathe out: ALIVE IN ME

As you go about your days, remember Who lives in you and desires to give life to others. Practice living as if it's true!!!




CJ Casciotta