Jamie George

Lead Pastor, Chief Restoryteller

Describe your role: I listen for the voice of God, study the ancient scriptures and re-tell the stories of Jesus and his followers.

Favorite Film: The Princess Bride

Favorite Book: The Count of Monte Cristo

Favorite Companions: My wife, twin sons, two daughters, and village.

Favorite Adventures: Montana Cattle drives, Brasilian Orphanages, European documentaries, Hawaiian Audio Tours, Camping in the Adirondacks, and Hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Email: jamie@journeyfranklin.com

Blog: www.jamiegeorge.com/blog


Kevin Dixon

Executive Pastor

Describe your role: I implement the vision, oversee the staff, manage the budget, and keep everyone calm when things get stressed.

Favorite Film:  Raiders of the Lost Ark

Favorite Book:  Spiritual Leadership by Oswald Sanders

Favorite Companions: Lori, the love of my life, and our two grown children, Zac and Alyssa who are creative and incredibly talented.  

Favorite Adventure: The time Lori and I went on a covered bridge motorcycle ride on the back roads of Pennsylvania. 

Email: kevin@journeyfranklin.com

Blog: www.kevintdixon.com


Kenny Jones

Family Pastor

Describe your role: I lead, equip, and empower the Family Ministry team to walk alongside our kids and students.

Favorite Film: Gladiator

Favorite Book: Soul Keeping by John Ortberg 

Favorite Companions: I love being with Deb and watching and listening to our children laugh and play together!

Favorite Adventure: Kauai with my wife…NO KIDS!!!

Email: kenny@journeyfranklin.com


Tim Timmons

Village Pastor

Describe your role: There are 10,080 minutes in a week. We spend about 80 of those minutes gathering on Sundays. I help our community follow Jesus throughout the rest of the week (the other 10,000).

Favorite Film: Waiting For Guffman

Favorite Book: Practice of the Presence Of God by Brother Lawrence

Favorite Companions: Hilary (my babe wife). My 4 crazy awesome kids: Malia, Noah, Anna & Aaron. My sister.

Favorite Adventures: Surfing, playing soccer, and Saturday morning Costco runs

Email: tim@journeyfranklin.com


Aaron Spelzhaus

Serve Pastor

Describe your role: I help people be the hands and feet of Jesus by serving our community both inside of the church and outside of it.

Favorite Movie: Grumpy Old Men

Favorite Book: The Cross and the Switchblade

Favorite Companions: My wife, Erin and My newborn daughter, Everly.

Favorite Adventure: In October of 2015, my wife, Erin and I took a vacation to Switzerland and spent 10 days riding trains and exploring the beautiful alps. The best part though was Paragliding off a mountain while looking over the city of Zermatt!

Email: aaron.spelzhaus@journeyfranklin.com

Sam Barnhart

Care Pastor

Describe your role: I oversee our counseling and shepherding at Journey. If you’re wrestling with something, come to me!

Favorite Film: Star Wars… ALL OF THEM!

Favorite Book: The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonheoffer

Favorite Companions:  My high school sweetheart and wife of 19 years, Angela and our 3 kids, Journey, Honor, and Rocky.

Favorite Adventure: For 10 years I toured with my band Bleach. We toured literally all over the world.

Email: sam@journeyfranklin.com


Brett Mabury

Artists & Young Adults Pastor

Describe your role: I have the privilege of overseeing a collective of artists and young adults, helping them deepen their understanding of the unique place they hold in the fabric of the church and our world. 

Favorite Film: Star Wars

Favorite Book: The Artisan Soul by Erwin McManus

Favorite Companions: My beautiful French wife, Keren, and three amazing young kids. 

Favorite Adventure: The adventure of meeting, marrying, and living this life with my wife!

Email: brett@journeyfranklin.com



suzie lind

Formation Designer

Describe your role: I am a gatherer and connector of people. I serve our villages and the women of Journey so together we can walk out this Love Story we find ourselves in.

Favorite Film: Gone With the Wind

Favorite Book: In the Name of Jesus by Henri Nouwen

Companions: My husband Steve, our boys Jason, Silas, Judah and Nathan and my people.

Favorite Adventure: The time our family took an RV up the coast of California with no particular plan in place, Yosemite, leaving everything familiar behind and coming to Tennessee.

Email: suzie@journeyfranklin.com


Randy Hanson

Technical Designer

Describe your role: I serve over all technical aspects for ministries including computers, network, audio, media and lighting. Also supervise all Facility related areas.

Favorite Film: Blade Runner 

Favorite Book:  The Gospel According To Moses by Athol Dickson

Favorite Companions:  My wife Charlotte and my 5 grandkids as well as a number of cigar aficionados I hang with to share stories/life.

Favorite Adventure:  Motorcycle ride – back roads and scenic vistas! Awesome.

Email: randy@journeyfranklin.com


Katelyn Grant

Interim Music Designer

Describe your role: I get the honor of playing a role in anything related to music here at Journey especially when it comes to the details! 

Favorite Film: The Lord of the Rings

Favorite Book: Every Good Endeavor by Timothy Keller

Favorite Companions:  I am a family girl to the core. My best friend is my sister and my parents are some of the coolest people I know.

Favorite Adventure:  If you take me to a new place to explore whether it’s a city or some place off the beaten path, as long as I have coffee, I am always ready to tackle it.

Email: katelyngrant@journeyfranklin.com

robert gonzalez

Elementary/Middle School Designer

Describe your role: Overseeing elementary and middle school kids and helping lead them into a deeper relationship with Jesus. 

Favorite Film: Dark Knight Rises

Favorite Book: Waking the Dead

Favorite Companions: My amazing wife and my beautiful son

Favorite Adventures: Moving to Memphis the day after my wife and I got married and being a Dad. 

Email: robert@journeyfranklin.com


Paige Holloway

Kids Designer

Describe your role at Journey: I oversee our Good Shepherd Experience that serves children age 0-7.

Favorite Film: The Sound of Music

Favorite Book: The Book of John

Favorite Companions: My husband, children, and their children

Favorite Adventures: As God led in Colorado. Now as He leads in Franklin. 

Email: paige@journeyfranklin.com


Katelyn Fulton

Family Coordinator

Describe your role: I do all the administrative duties for our Family team. 

Favorite Film: White Christmas 

Favorite Book: The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom

Favorite Companions: I have an incredible husband and son. They are my absolute joy!

Favorite Adventure: Summer of 2016 my Father and I went to Kenya, Africa to serve in a children’s home. It had been a 20+ year dream, and absolutely life changing. 

Email: katelyn@journeyfranklin.com


Kaydee Carter

Finance Coordinator 

Describe your role: I’m responsible for all the accounting needs for the church.

Favorite Film: Facing the Giants

Favorite Book: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

Favorite Companions: My hubby Brian and my two kiddos Colton & Kylie.

Favorite Adventure: Spending time traveling with my family. Our favorite place to be is at Disney World or playing on a beach somewhere.

Email: kaydee@journeyfranklin.com


Jacqui Dakin

Lead Team Coordinator 

Describe your role:  My role at Journey is to manage our pastors’ schedules so they can focus.

Favorite Film:  Hoosiers

Favorite Book:  I love calendars and address books. They get me and I get them.

Favorite Companions: My husband, Kevin, and my kids Kayla, Kensey, and Karys (and our cat Simon too!)

Favorite Adventure: Last year we took a trip to Yellowstone as a family. There was no wifi and it was the first time I can remember I didn’t have to manage someone’s schedule…not even my own!

Email: jacqui@journeyfranklin.com