We moved into our building about a year ago!  
And over the past year, we have become very aware of the limitations of our space. Our three main limits in the facility are:

  • Parking
  • Journey Kids space
  • Gathering space

We have been planning, researching, and working to find the best solutions to each one of these pain points. And with the help of our engineers and designers, we are overjoyed to finally start the process of building a new facility.

We are excited for what this means for our church family on Sunday morning, but also how it will facilitate multiple ways for us to minister to our community throughout the week.


My Part In The Story Card

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Partners and Friends of Journey,

God is writing the next chapter of our story. After much prayer and conversation with ministry leaders, architects, designers, and friends of Journey we sense God leading us to step out in faith and stewardship by expanding our facilities.   

With the numeric growth we have experienced over this last year, we have overwhelmed our current space for parking, children, and gatherings. At times, we have had to turn away children, park in the grass and fill our overflow spaces both inside and outside the building. What a wonderful challenge and blessing!

We are proposing an approximate 2 million dollar expansion of our current facility that will address the 3 most pressing needs.


We will be adding:

  • Parking along with additional access points to Wilson Pike
  • A two-story Children/Youth building
  • An expansion to our current building to double the size of the current gathering space

This will allow us the space to minister to the curious and the broken-hearted. This will provide an educational space for our children to learn and grow not just on Sundays but also during the week at The Pasture Pre-School. We will broaden our ability to serve our community not just on Sundays but throughout the week.


How can you help?  

  • First, please pray. We want to continue to walk in alignment with God.
  • Second, please consider what you can give.

We need to raise as much of the $2 million as possible. We want to be good stewards and avoid a large mortgage. As a partner or friend of Journey Church, we are asking you to prayerfully consider what you can give above your regular giving to Journey. Please do not substitute this gift with your current giving. We need your faithful giving to continue the ongoing ministry of the church.

Journey Church has a current annual budget of $1,900,000, and we are blessed with about 600 active regular givers. Each gives in various amounts according to the resources God has given to them.

If each of our active regular givers were to give an additional $266 per month ($3200 a year), we would reach our 2 million dollar goal!

We know not everyone has the resources to give this amount, and we know that some of our families can give more. Hopefully, this perspective is helpful in describing our need and how your family might contribute.

Please pray, consider, and commit to what you can give over this next year. You can give in a lump sum or spread it out in monthly gifts. The bank has asked us what our community has committed to give as they consider that significantly in deciding on what kind of loan they will offer.

On May 20th, we are going to collect the “My Part in the Story” cards and then announce our total at a Celebration on May 27th. This gives us a month to pray and consider our part in the next chapter of the story of Journey Church. A “My Part in the Story" card is enclosed.


In Jesus Name and for His Glory,

The Journey Elders

Nick Barre, Kevin Dixon, Jamie George, Marq James and Drew Saulters